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We all know how important the first impression is, may it be a company presentation website, landing pages or a webshop.

A good website builds trust, raises awareness, and most importantly, helps sales by reaching your target audience. Don't have a specific idea yet? We will help you from the domain name to the last graphic element with paying special attention to your unique needs! In addition, we design your web page to be easy to edit and update and to be ranked as high as possible on Google's lists of results.

We are in constant contact with our customers so they can follow the workflow from start to delivery.

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You outline your specific ideas, and we shall tell you how and with what schedule it can be accomplished. We help you determine the purpose of this site for the next 5 years so that we can incorporate any future enhancements, features, subpages into the site as soon as possible, saving you the cost of future changes.


Every company needs a unique and consistent visual appearance. With its distinctive character and unique features, the image helps to identify, communicate with and, last but not least, significantly influence the first impression of our Customers. We only have one chance to make a positive first impression! Not only does a good image reflect the company's philosophy, style, and attitude, it also addresses the target group and faithfully conveys the message you want to communicate.

The image of your website is your online business card! Beside inspiring confidence and reaching the desired target audience a well-designed, authentic image also helps sales!


In every case we strive to make our website not only beautiful and functional but also user friendly. Subpages are named and designed in such a way that the visitor will quickly find the information, service, product they are looking for. The primary purpose of web sites is to make contact or sign up for a newsletter, and buying in case of webshops. The layout and structure of the subpages will guide the visitor in a targeted way.


How to design a compelling website?

A website is nice, clean and simple. The colours, structure, layout of a web site affect the visitor at the first moment, and if they do not find themselves on a page that is sophisticated and convincing, they will leave in seconds. The primary goal of our web page designs is to make the site a real experience for the visitor, easy to navigate, clear, stylish and consistent. We take into account the effects of colours and shapes and suggest the visual design of the page accordingly. Choose us to create your online appearance so that your visitors can form an authentic image of you and your business!


Our website designs also take responsivity into consideration as it is important that the site provides the user experience on a mobile phone or tablet just like it would on a desktop computer or laptop. Our web pages are designed in such a way that the optimal appearance—easy to read, aesthetic layout, easy orientation—can flexible accommodate the size of the displaying device.


The website is a software that needs to be updated regularly and its content has to be periodically reviewed. The development of our web pages we created will not cease at the moment of delivery; we will continue to monitor, update and, upon request, make minor changes and improvements.


Setting up an SSL certificate is not only essential before the steps of search engine optimization, it is also essential if you want a webshop and mandatory for Google AdWords. If your site is SSL certified, it means that a secure connection is established between the browser and the site. Google also looks at this during ranking and if you do not have a certificate, it will state that the page is not secure.

Today, it is essential to be present on social media, and you also need SSL to share the article / post you posted on your site with your company's Facebook page.


All web sites must be firewalled fort the prevention of hacking. It's important that you allow through Google's crawlers, but not malware.

Most users don't think about this, but on average 39 attacks are executed per second, and the number of criminal attempts against PCs is constantly increasing. It is becoming increasingly important to protect ourselves, and the first and essential condition for this is the firewall.

They are currently used by individual users and companies as well, both in software and hardware. Firewalls control both incoming and outgoing packets and prevent suspicious data from being received.


Potential partners/buyers can contact you through the quote request form. The filled-in and incoming information can be stored and retrieved later.

The form is a convenient solution for you and for the potential customer. This is very important because if the visitor cannot use the site quickly or comfortably enough they will not be interested in your product / service.


It is important to know that we follow up on every website we deliver. We perform the necessary updates and make the requested changes, but our delivery also includes a training for the a daily routine. During this, we shall show you how to make some lighter content changes, like pasting, replacing text, images.