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Internal / external cleaning

Over the years, dust, dirt, animal hair, and even tiny particles from cigarettes enter the cooling system, sealing the heat sink, which is unable to remove heat from the processor and graphics controller. The extra heat produced thereby dries the heat sink paste between the components and overheats the machine. This leads to loud fan operation and slows down the laptop. If this condition persists for a long period of time, the machine will automatically shut off to protect the components.

Unfortunately, if this condition persists, these parts will be damaged and their repair will be very costly. In addition, other components are not good if exposed to excessive heat such as hard disks (storage) and batteries. That's why it's best to clean your laptop's cooling system at least every year.

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Display replacement

In the vast majority of cases, there are color streaks on the display or only half of the image is displayed. In rare cases, the entire display will be white, or the image will be completely black, or faint or blurry, in which case the display controller, which is embedded in the display, will be damaged. Due to the design of the display, these cannot be repaired, only replacing them will solve the problem.

For laptops, the display is individually replaceable, while for Apple laptops, the entire top is replaced with a display, glass and bracket.

Water damage

One of the biggest enemies of electronic devices is liquid of any kind, be it coffee, milk, water, oil, etc. No matter how important it is to get the problem started as quickly as possible. It is essential to deal with any amount of spillage as soon as possible. If a problem occurs, turn off the device and remove the battery if possible. Wipe everything outside as best you can, but do not use anything other than a smooth, dry cloth or towel. Grab a bag and fill it with rice to place your phone in and leave it for 2 days in case you can't get your device serviced. DO NOT try to turn it on!!


There are situations when it is still worthwhile and cost effective to upgrade and expand your existing laptop / notebook. This isn't always recommended as it has its own limitations and bottlenecks. Processor replacement is only rarely possible because they are soldered to the mother board. On the other hand, expanding memory, installing a larger hard disk, or replacing the hard disk with SSD can bring your older laptop to life and provide you with faster performance for years to come. In addition to these, and together with these, reinstalling the operating system will greatly improve the speed.

In each case, a diagnostic should be performed to understand the state of the computer and its upgradeability options. Based on this knowledge, we tailor our offer to the customer's needs.

In cases where it is no longer worth it / worth developing, we can provide suggestions and help you find the most suitable used, refurbished or new computer on demand.

Repair / replacement of broken parts

The plastic casing used to secure the hinges and the breaking of the plastic bushings holding the copper screw are very common at the point of collapse. Near this point, the display's mounting point can be damaged in a similar way. This damage can cause further problems, as damaged items will stretch each other when opened and closed and may break the casing completely or cut the internal cables. This may cause the display to malfunction or blink, the system may malfunction, or the power button may not function properly.

Another common problem is the charger connector breakage / damage (a damaged charger can cause a big problem). Continuous malfunction can cause a short circuit, which in the "best" case will only result in damage to the connector, in the second-best case inadequate or complete malfunction of the charger and, in the worst case, burnout of all or parts of the system board.

Therefore, we recommend that you troubleshoot and repair the error as soon as possible to avoid future and more expensive errors.

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Software maintenance

Are you getting error messages while you are using it, or are there programs on your computer that you do not know how to install?

In most cases, slow computer operation is caused by improperly configured or unnecessarily installed software and drivers. Setting up these applications properly or removing unnecessary ones can help your machine run quickly and properly. It is also important to keep the programs (operating system) up to date and up-to-date, as software creators are upgrading from day to day and adding bug fixes and protection features to existing ones.

Predict (Prevent) extra repair costs and time and keep your software up to date.

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