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There are situations when your existing desktop or all-in-one computer is still worth developing and expanding. Unlike laptops, every single component of a desktop computer is interchangeable, but not always recommended, as a step up in the development level may require almost everything to be replaced / upgraded. This may be the case, for example, when upgrading the processor to another platform or purchasing a new type of memory, the motherboard and other components may need to be replaced due to incompatibility.

By replacing the processor with expanding memory, installing a larger hard disk, or replacing the hard disk with SSD, your older machine can be revitalized and run for years to come. In addition to these, and with these, reinstalling the operating system can make a huge difference in the speed.

In each case, a diagnostic should be performed to understand the state of the computer and its upgradeability options. Based on this knowledge, we tailor our offer to the customer's needs.

Computers repair and servicing - BKComputer

Computer Building

Whether it's for office use, high performance gaming or professional use, we've designed our desktops to meet general and specific needs. Our configurations are made from quality parts according to our own ideas or according to the customer's requirements. They are compatible with each other and their performance is well balanced. We test all components of each system and ensure that it runs smoothly on software and hardware.

Software Cleaning / Virus Removal / Reinstallation

Are you getting error messages while you are using your computer or are there programs on your computer that you do not know how to install?

In most cases, slow computer performance is caused by improperly configured or unnecessarily installed software and drivers. Setting up these applications properly or removing unnecessary ones can help your machine run quickly and properly. It is also important to keep the programs (operating system) up to date and up-to-date, as software creators are upgrading from day to day and adding bug fixes and protection features to existing ones.

In addition, a virus infection can cause slowdowns, data loss, or full storage encryption. After the system loads, unnecessary and invisible windows and programs are launched which are very difficult or impossible to close. Then, when the browser starts up, the situation is similar, web pages do not load, or only very slowly. When such problems occur, an infected system is very likely.

Prevent extra repair costs and time and keep your software up to date.