BKComputers - About us

We have been on the market as a business since 2016, but our colleagues have more than 10 years’ experience and have grown up with IT. From Dos and then the first Windows (Win 1.1 and 3.1), through to the latest Windows 10 and dedicated server systems, they have the right level of expertise.

Our company helps individuals and small businesses navigate the IT world. Our main activity is software and hardware servicing of computers and laptops. Creating websites and webshops, and repairing tablets and phones.

Our goal

We work to keep your computer, laptop and IT equipment running fast, error-free and secure. This will enable you to work faster and more easily and make your entertainment more enjoyable. Our staff are extremely well qualified and have a high level of expertise, which results in top quality work. Our constant aim is to ensure you are totally satisfied with our work so that you come back to us with confidence.